School Earthquake Safety Initiative (SESI)

Promoting safe buildings for school children

What is SESI?

SESI is a global and collaborative network of diverse, expert, and passionate professionals who are committed to creating and sharing knowledge and tools that enable progressive, informed decision making around school earthquake safety. Detailed information can be found in the SESI Mission, Vision & Scope Document.

Our Goal:

Leverage our extensive expertise and reputation to conduct regionally appropriate actions that make a tangible and positive difference in communities around the world, by protecting the lives of all who inhabit school buildings.

Our Vision:

Serving the world as a leader in the science, public policy, and advocacy of school earthquake safety.

Who are we trying to reach?

We want to reach and serve everyone with a stake in school earthquake safety including:

  • children and their parents
  • teachers and administrators
  • local politicians and state and federal legislators
  • government agencies and emergency managers
  • financial institutions and building officials
  • engineers and builders
  • developers and architects
  • civil servants and commissioners

How can I help EERI make progress toward school earthquake safety?

The Initiative is lead by a Chair and Executive Committee. SESI achieves action by the work of its subcommittees and expert members.  More information about specific plans can be found in the 2016 SESI Strategic Action Plan (pdf 229KB) or on the Subcommittee web page.

All EERI members are encouraged to get involved and participate in one of the following subcommittees:

If you do not have the time to actively participate in a Subcommittee, please join the Program Committee for updates about SESI progress by contacting Silvana Cobos (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


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