Learning From Earthquakes Endowment Matching Gift Campaign

Your LFE Endowment Fund donation will go 2x further this week!

EERI is excited to announce a $50,000 Learning From Earthquakes (LFE) Endowment Matching Gift Campaign. A very generous anonymous donor has offered a $1 to $1 matching gift  for new donations to the EERI LFE Endowment Fund during the month of June! The matching gift is for new multi-year pledges or one time gifts up to $50,000, so we need to secure $50,000 in new gifts or pledges to fully leverage the match. Thanks to this match, the LFE Endowment Fund could realize $100,000 or more this month if we are successful. A big step towards our final goal of raising $4 million dollars for the LFE Endowment Fund.

Will you help us meet our goal by donating to the LFE Endowment Fund today?