Dustin Cook and Diane Moug Receive 2023 Younger Member Award

EERI is pleased to announce that the recipients of the 2022 Younger Member Award are Dustin Cook (M.EERI 2018) and Diane Moug (M.EERI 2014). The EERI Younger Member Award is awarded to recognize early-career members of the Institute who have made outstanding contributions to the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute and the pursuit of its objectives in the early stages of their career—especially contributions that have improved opportunities for and increased the impact of younger members within the Institute. 

Cook YMA sqDustin Cook is a Research Structural Engineer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. As part of the Earthquake Engineering Group, he specializes in performance-based earthquake engineering, structural analysis, seismic design, risk quantification, and post-earthquake building recovery. He is passionate about improving community resilience through recovery-based design principles and empowering policy makers with quantitative tools for risk communication and decision making under uncertainty, and is currently collaborating with others to propose updated design guidelines and prescriptive requirements for functional recovery design objectives for new buildings in future editions of the building code.

Cook serves as a Co-Chair of the EERI Younger Members Committee, as a member of the Learning From Earthquakes Business Resilience Subcommittee, and as a secretary for the World Housing Encyclopedia. He holds a PhD in from University of Colorado Boulder, MS in Civil Engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles, and a BS in Civil Engineering from California State University.

Dustin is awarded in recognition of his leadership of the Younger Members Committee, his contributions and improvements to the World Housing Encyclopedia, and his research excellence within the field of performance-based earthquake engineering.

Diane Moug is an Assistant Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at Portland State YMA Moug SqUniversity. Her research aims to reduce geotechnical earthquake hazards through improved hazard characterization in poorly-understood soils and innovative mitigation. She is particularly focused on the earthquake hazards of the Pacific Northwest’s fine-grained silty soils and at the Critical Energy Infrastructure hub in Portland, Oregon. She also investigates liquefaction mitigation through microbially induced desaturation. She teaches courses on introductory and advanced soil mechanics, computational geomechanics, and geotechnical site investigation.

She earned a Masters and PhD in Civil Engineering at the University of California, Davis, and a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Geological Engineering at the University of British Columbia. Moug currently serves as Co-Chair of the EERI Younger Members Committee. She is also a past Co-President and Treasurer of the Student Leadership Committee.

Diane is awarded in recognition of her longstanding commitment to and leadership of the Student Leadership Council and Younger Members Committee, her advocacy for emerging professionals, and her technical leadership in earthquake engineering.


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