EERI Response to December 20, 2022 M6.4 Earthquake in Ferndale, California

At 2:34 AM this morning (December 20, 2022) a M6.4 earthquake struck offshore near Ferndale, California, causing damage to lifelines and structures in Humboldt County. Visit the United States Geological Survey event page for more information about the earthquake. The EERI community extends its sympathy to those affected as the rescue and relief work continues. 

As part of our Learning from Earthquakes program, EERI is currently monitoring the situation via media reports and notes from colleagues in the impacted region and planning our response. EERI has established a virtual clearinghouse website here for sharing reconnaissance data and observations as they emerge.

As one of the managing partners of the California Earthquake Clearinghouse, EERI will also be hosting Virtual Clearinghouse Briefing Calls for this earthquake. These calls will provide an opportunity for those in the field to share their observations and for those planning to be in the field to coordinate their plans. If you would like to attend these calls, or are planning to conduct reconnaissance or related activities, please sign up via this Google Form.

More information will be shared as the EERI and California Earthquake Clearinghouse response develops.