Matching Gift Campaign: LFE Endowment Achieved!

During the month of April, 82 donors doubled their impact with the LFE Endowment Matching Gift Campaign! 

Thanks to the amazing generosity of members, EERI raised $120,097, which, combined with the match, resulted in a total of $220,097 in donations for the LFE Endowment Fund! This is a great step forward for the LFE Endowment Campaign and a wonderful way to celebrate 50 incredible years of LFE. A special thank you to Computers and Structures, Inc (CSI) and David A. Friedman for making this match possible.

If you missed your chance to get in on the Matching Gift Campaign, you can still make an impact by making a gift to the LFE Endowment today!

Thank you to those who contributed to this phenomenal match campaign.

Anonymous (7)

Ibbi Almufti and Lindsey Maclise

Elizabeth Angell

Lucy Arendt

Christie Assadollahi

Carlien Bou-Chedid

Trevor Carey

Veronica Cedillos

Wayne Chang

Kelly Cobeen

David W. Cocke

Craig and Nancy Comartin

Tim Dawson

Gregory Deierlein

Richard Dreyer

Charles Eadie

Ronald T Eguchi

William Elliot

Annde Ewertsen

Jody and David Frost

Eldon Gath

Bora Gencturk

Christine Goulet

Marjorie Greene and Garry Nicol

Nicholas Gregor

Patricia Grossi

Hamid Haddadi

Ricardo Henoch

I.M. Idriss

Rob Jackson

Grace Kang

Ryan & Samantha Kersting


Anne Kiremidjian

Keith & Annie Knudsen

Peter L. Lee

Marshall Lew

Ting Lin

Janiele Maffei and Rob Tovani

Mike and Julie Mahoney

Faiz and Rima Makdisi

Justin Marshall

Robin McGuire

Chiara McKenney

Danielle and Mike Mieler

Eduardo Miranda

Carlos Molina Hutt

Ashley Morales-Cartagena

Diane Moug

Ignace Mugabo

Polly Murray

Simin Naaseh and Farhang Ostadan

Terri R. Norton

Tyler Oathes

Robert Olshansky

Tom & Pat O'Rourke

Maggie Ortiz-Millan

Cynthia L Perry

Maryann Phipps

Cynthia L. Pridmore

Halil Sezen

Barbara Simpson

Kate Stillwell

Armin Stuedlein

Taronne Tabucchi

John Thornley and Terri Mitchell

Heidi and Bill Tremayne

Fred Turner

Eddie Vega

David Wald

Anne Wein

Brad Wham

Hartanto Wibowo

Maureen Wilmot

Ivan Wong

Jiachen (Charlie) Zhang

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