Earthquake Spectra's Impact Factor Rises to 5.0

The Editorial Board of EERI’s peer-reviewed journal Earthquake Spectra is proud to announce yet another significant rise in our Impact Factor! Earthquake Spectra’s 2022 Impact Factor (IF) rose to 5.0 from 4.330 in 2021, setting a new high for the journal. This brings Spectra to the rank of 23 out of 139 journals in the Civil Engineering category, a jump of 13 places from last year, and up 4 places in the Geological Engineering category, to number 12 out of 41.

The IF is the number of citations in 2022 of papers published in 2020 and 2021, divided by the number of citable papers published in 2020. This year, the format of the Impact Factor changed from three decimal places to one decimal place, simplifying the score but also resulting in more ties between journals.

Spectra’s rising IF can be attributed primarily to the significant number of citations for many of its top-cited papers (see the “Most Cited” papers on the journal homepage). Journal Editor-in-Chief Jack Baker notes, “I am thrilled that authors continue to see Earthquake Spectra continue to be seen as a desirable home for some of the top scholarship in our field. I am grateful for the commitment and expertise of our Editorial Board and reviewers, and the leadership of recent Editors-in-Chief David Wald and Jon Stewart.” 

EERI thanks the Spectra Editorial Board and all contributors and reviewers for their dedication and hard work!

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