Public Policy and Advocacy Committee releases Citizen Advocacy Toolkit

The Public Policy and Advocacy Committee (PPA) is rolling out its latest project, the Citizen Advocate Toolkit, to make seismic risk reduction advocacy more accessible for EERI members around the United States.

This toolkit describes lessons learned and best practices from the successes and failures of seismic safety advocacy by the committee to help all EERI members become effective advocates. It was developed to provide guidance and resources for EERI members to become the most influential constituents regarding earthquake hazard risk reduction at every level of government. The toolkit includes useful resources including how to find your legislators, the best way to engage with elected officials, and state-specific resources to get you started.

This initiative was developed to empower EERI members to take action with policymakers in their communities as seismic safety experts. If you are interested in getting involved with advocacy with EERI or on your own time, please download the Citizen Advocate Toolkit, now available here. If you would like to learn more about the PPA and help to develop the Institute’s official positions, join the PPA and your fellow EERI members in our mission to make communities more resilient to seismic hazards!