Benefit from NEC2020 technical sessions designed for you

Stuck in a rut of delivering project after project, deadline after deadline, and trying to look for ways to understand how your work fits into the bigger picture? At the 2020 National Earthquake Conference and EERI Annual Meeting to be held March 2-6, 2020 in San Diego, we’ve designed technical sessions specifically with you in mind. And don’t forget to take advantage of the early-bird rate by December 31!

The technical sessions at NEC 2020 seek to advance your practice by showcasing the latest cutting-edge research alongside practical case studies. Coupled with dynamic plenary sessions, the NEC 2020 agenda will get you thinking beyond your specialty to explore collaborative opportunities in mitigating earthquake impacts.

Moderated by Christine Goulet, the Executive Director for Applied Science at the Southern California Earthquake Center, the session "Progress and Challenges in Utilizing Simulated Ground Motions for Engineering Practice" offers an opportunity to discuss a wide range of ground motion simulation models. The session will explore the models' current strengths and shortcomings through available validation methodologies, as well as the progress and challenges in utilizing simulated ground motions in the engineering practice. Presenters include:

  1. Jonathan Stewart (M.EERI,1994), Professor, and Buka Nweke, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, both of the University of California, Los Angeles, will present on the basin effects in simulated ground motions for Southern California.
  2. Ting Lin (M.EERI,2009), Professor at Texas Tech University, will discuss guidelines on utilization of simulations for engineering building response applications.
  3. Jack Baker (M.EERI,2004), Professor at Stanford University, will present on simulated CyberShake time series for engineering building code analyses.
  4. Farzin Zareian (M.EERI,2005), Professor at the University of California, Irvine, will discuss the utilization of simulations for engineering bridge response applications.
  5. Marty Hudson (M.EERI,1994), Andrew Dinsick, and Kenneth Hudson (M.EERI,2018) of the Turner Construction Company, Geopentech, and Wood respectively, will examine tall building ground motions in Southern California and will compare recent design ground motions with Cybershake simulated ground motions
  6. Sanaz Rezaeian and Nico Luco, of the USGS, will present on the progress and challenges in ground motion simulation validation.

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