We're excited to announce a new partnership with SAGE Publishing

The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) is pleased to announce a new partnership with SAGE Publishing beginning January 2020. SAGE will publish the first issue of Earthquake Spectra in February 2020 (Issue 1, Volume 36). 

We are proud of the impact and influence that Earthquake Spectra has had in earthquake engineering over the past 35 years. Our vision is to remain the leading source of innovative research and practical applications in the field, while always looking for opportunities to enhance the journal.

As a self-publisher, we lack the competitive edge in accessing advanced systems and software that would improve the production process and user experience, as well as dedicated marketing services that would help us reach more readers and libraries. We need an experienced partner to help EERI stay abreast of changes to the publishing environment so that we can expand the impact of Spectra and better serve readers and authors alike.

After an extensive 3-year process involving EERI’s board, editors, and staff, we’ve chosen to partner with SAGE. SAGE are experts in working with previously self-published titles and we believe our journal is in the best hands. EERI members, readers, and authors will get more value from your membership: an enhanced reading experience, greater ease of access, as well as improved author services. EERI and SAGE are making every effort to ensure that the transition runs as smoothly as possible.

Please note that after the transition, EERI members can access journal content via the SAGE Journals platform. Until the new website and author submission interfaces are ready later this fall, you can continue to access content as usual on www.earthquakespectra.org. 

For a full FAQ of the partnership, please click here.