SESI releases new PPT to help EERI members and advocates talk about earthquake school safety

EERI’s School Earthquake Safety Initiative (SESI) is pleased to share a new PowerPoint template that EERI members and other school safety advocates can use in their presentations to stakeholders, including parent organizations, school boards, community leaders, and local and state agencies. You can download this resource here (direct download, PPTX) or from the SESI website.

This PowerPoint stems from SESI’s commitment to create and share knowledge and tools that will enable progressive, informed decision-making around school safety. The goal of the PowerPoint is to provide EERI members and other advocates with a new tool to describe the school safety issues of their local community, including parent organizations, school boards, community leaders and decision-makers, and local and state agencies. The PowerPoint introduces EERI and SESI, describes what the specific earthquake hazard and school vulnerability issues are in the community, what can happen in an earthquake, which types of buildings are most vulnerable (such as URM), the impact and risk of nonstructural component failures, disruption to the community due to damaged schools, and what steps can be taken to improve school safety.

SESI leverages the extensive expertise of its members to conduct regionally-appropriate actions that can make a tangible and positive difference in communities around the world. One approach is to engage school safety advocates in communicating with a wide range of stakeholders to recognize and prioritize the importance of school safety before, during, and after earthquakes. Hazardous schools exist throughout the U.S. and globally. The majority of the school districts where such hazardous schools exist are already challenged by competing economic needs and limited resources.

We hope that EERI members and school safety advocates will use this PowerPoint to initiate meaningful communication with the appropriate decision-makers in their local community. Once that communication link has been established, SESI is happy to provide resources and assistance to any school safety advocate to move the process forward.