LFE Webinar November 14, 2017: Mexico Earthquake Reconnaissance Briefing

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

Learning from Earthquakes Webinar

Mexico Earthquake Reconnaissance Briefing 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

9:00 – 11:00 am PST

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EERI will host the Mexico Earthquake Reconnaissance Briefing Webinar as a part of its Learning from Earthquakes program, on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am Pacific Standard Time.

During this free event, members of reconnaissance teams that studied the impacts of the September 19, 2017 earthquake will present their observations. The briefing will include the following presentations:

  • Earthquake Overview and Response by Sergio Alcocer, UNAM
  • Geotechnical Impacts by Tara Hutchinson, UC San Diego/GEER
  • Earthquake Early Warning by Richard Allen, UC Berkeley
  • Structural Impacts by Luciano Fernandez, UAM AZC
  • Lifelines Impacts by Erica Fischer, Oregon State University
  • Reconnaissance Gaps and Needs by Lucy Arendt, St. Norbert College, and Gilberto Mosqueda, UC San Diego (EERI Reconnaissance Co-Leads)

Photo: Retrofitted building in La Condesa/Roma area of Mexico City.                                Photographer: Patrick Murren, SOM



About the Speakers


Gilberto Mosqueda, EERI Reconnaissance Co-Lead/UC San Diego

Gilberto Mosqueda is a professor at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering. Professor Mosqueda’s primary research interests are in the experimental evaluation of large-scale structural and nonstructural components under seismic and other extreme loads. Mosqueda served as one of EERI’s Reconnaissance Co-leads for the Mexico earthquake and traveled to Mexico in October 2017. 

Lucy Arendt, EERI Reconnaissance Co-Lead/St. Norbert College
Lucy Arendt is Professor of Business Administration-Management at St. Norbert College. Dr. Arendt teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in organizational behavior, leadership, strategic management, and sustainability. Arendt conducts an annual travel abroad course in Cuernavaca, Mexico. She served as one of EERI’s Reconnaissance Co-leads for the Mexico earthquake and traveled to Mexico in October 2017 and serves on the EERI Board of Directors.

Sergio Alcocer, UNAM
Sergio Alcocer is a professor of structural engineering at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. He served as undersecretary for North America in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico. He is a former President of the Mexican Society of Earthquake Engineering and a previous member of the EERI Board of Directors. Alcocer has been involved in many aspects of Mexico’s response to the September 19 earthquake.

Tara Hutchinson, UC San Diego/GEER
Tara Hutchinson is a professor at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering. Professor Hutchinson is an earthquake engineering theoretician and experimentalist who has published significant papers in leading structural, civil, and earthquake engineering journals. She has creatively applied information technology to the evaluation of earthquake damage to structures. Hutchinson was one of the GEER Co-Team Leaders for the UNAM-GEER reconnaissance team.

Richard Allen, UC Berkeley 

Richard Allen is the Director of the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, and Professor and Chair of the Department of Earth and Planetary Science at UC Berkeley. He is an expert in earthquake alerting systems, developing methodologies to detect earthquakes and issue warnings prior to shaking. His group uses seismic and GPS sensing networks, and is experimenting with the use of smartphones. Allen was the seismology lead for the EERI Earthquake Early Warning Reconnaissance Team.


 Luciano Roberto Fernández Sola, UAM

Luciano Fernandez is a Professor of Structural Engineering at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana unidad Azcapotzalco. He currently serves as Secretary for the Mexican Society of Structural Engineers. Fernandez coordinated the structural engineering brigades conducting building evaluations in Mexico City following the September 19 earthquake.


Erica Fischer, Oregon State University
Erica Fischer is an Assistant Professor in Civil & Construction Engineering at Oregon State University. Dr. Fischer’s research interests revolve around innovative approaches to improve the resilience and robustness of structural systems affected by natural and man-made hazards. She has participated in post-earthquake reconnaissance team missions including Haiti, Napa, and Italy and was a member of the Reid Middleton reconnaissance team that studied lifelines impacts in Mexico.


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More information on EERI’s response to the Mexico Earthquake can be found on the Puebla, Mexico Earthquake Virtual Clearinghouse website.Mexico Earthquake Virtual Clearinghouse website.

This Learning from Earthquakes Webinar is supported with funding under a cooperative agreement (EMW-2016- CA-00091) with FEMA/U.S. Department of Homeland Security.