Housner Fellows Visit to Ghana 8/27/2013

Day Two:  i) Workshop with NADMO; ii) Leadership Lecture; and  iii) Meeting with the Deputy Minister, Education

The second day in Ghana was a very busy day for Housner fellows. Participation at the workshop with National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) was more than our expectation. More than 100 participants joined in from NADMO, administrators from various schools in Accra and members of Ghana Earthquake Society. The presentations from Housner fellows (Hassan, Ali and Cale) were very well appreciated. And an interesting group discussion followed the presentations with all participants enthusiastically participating and sharing their experiences and concerns about earthquakes. The discussions were very well moderated by Kate.

The leadership lecture delivered by Lucy was organised by WINE (Association of Women Engineers in Ghana) and was very well received. It was a very motivating interaction. Engineers keenly listened and asked some interesting questions. And all this was accompanied with an excellent lunch.

Next on the agenda of Housner fellows was to have a meeting at the Ministry of Education who lays out policies for all the schools in Ghana. We were very well received by the Deputy Minister, Education and his team of officials. Very concerned about earthquake safety of their school children, they keenly listened to Housner fellows. Appreciating the school project undertaken by Housner fellows, the Minister hoped there would be a way to carry forward this work in long term.

And the day ended only after we all received an extremely warm welcome by Carlien’s lovely family at her beautiful home. It was such a pleasant evening with Mr. Nabil (Carlien’s husband), a great animal lover and a chess player and Zenoya (Carlien’s daughter), a famous and celebrated model. Of course, all the conversation was accompanied by some excellent snacks made from yam, beans and plantains.

Here are some pics of the day.


Morning workshop with members from NADMO, the Ghana Earthquake Society, and administrators from local schools in Accra.


Presentation from Housner Fellow, Cale.


Following the presentations, Kate moderates the discussion over earthquake experience and concerns.


Enthusiastic audience participation in the discussion moderated by Kate.


Lucy delivers a leadership lecture, organised by the Association of Women Engineers in Ghana.


A delicious lunch during Lucy's lecture.


Afternoon meeting with the Ministry of Education to discuss earthquake safety improvements in schools.


The Housner Fellows meet with the Deputy Minister, who is very concerned with keeping the children safe.



Meeting Carlien's family in her beautiful home.