Housner Fellows Visit to Ghana 8/26/2013

Day One: Meeting the Chiefs

Housner Fellows spent the first day of our visit to Ghana following the ancient tribal custom of 'meeting the chiefs.' We introduced ourselves and presented small gifts of gratitude to: Ghana Institution of Engineers (GhIE), engineering firm Architecture and Engineering Services, Ltd. (AESL), and the Consulting Engineers Association. We were given warm hospitality, and took lots of photos. We were also given a gracious and eye-opening tour of a 3-story high school classroom building for 600 students that is under construction. So far we have found our colleagues to be interested in earthquake safety and eager to improve the engineering and construction practice.

This evening we are busy preparing for a meeting and presentation tomorrow with the Ghanaian National Disaster Management Organization together with school administrators.

Tasty highlights include ripe fried plantains, okra stew, and banku, moist bread made of fermented, steamed corn, a bit like polenta.


Day1_3Housner Fellows Cale R. Ash, Syed Mohammed Ali, Hassan Steven Mdala, Kate Stillwell, Vivek Rawal, and Carlien D. Bou-Chedid arrive in Ghana.

Day1_4(From left to right) Vivek Rawal, Syed Mohammed Ali, Carlien D. Bou-Chedid, Cale R. Ash, Kate Stillwell, Hassan Steven Mdala.

Day1_5Tour of a three-story school under construction.

Day1_7Meeting with GhIE, AESL, and the Consulting Engineers Association.



Day1_8A warm welcome by 'the chiefs' to Ghana.

Day1_6Housner Fellows with members of local engineering organizations.