Housner Fellows Travel to Ghana

The Housner Fellows class of 2012 is looking forward to their upcoming trip to Ghana later this month. For the group project, the team selected to focus on seismic safety of schools in Ghana. Over the next few years Ghana intends to build 200 new schools, and with the presence of Housner Fellow Carlien Bou-Chedid in Ghana this provides an ideal opportunity for the Fellows to have an immediate impact on improving seismic safety as well as expanding EERI. During the trip the group will meet with local engineers and architects who are integrally involved in new school design. The group will also present lectures on seismic safety and learning from earthquakes as well as a lecture targeted at the growing number of young female engineers in Ghana which will be focused on leadership and presented by group mentor Lucy Arendt. Additional activities will include meeting with school administrators about bringing "Shake-out" to Ghana, and local contractors to understand local design. Overall it will be a very packed week and the Fellows look forward to the opportunity to work with the government of Ghana and the local engineers and to continue to the work following the trip.