UNDP Prints WHE Stone Masonry Tutorial

The Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery of the United Nations Development Programme has printed copies of the World Housing Encyclopedia tutorial, Improving the Seismic Performance of Stone Masonry Buildings for distribution through their program in Asia. Authored by Jitendra Bothara of New Zealand and EERI member Svetlana Brzev of Canada, the tutorial focuses on traditional stone masonry dwellings primarily in the earthquake-prone countries of Asia, explains the underlying causes for their poor seismic performance and offers techniques for improving both new and existing buildings.

The publication will be shared with UNDP country offices, national governments’ disaster management ministries and offices, and used in training programs.

EERI has copies available for the cost of shipping and handling. EERI shipping rates are: $10 to the U.S., $15 to Canada and Mexico, and $20 to other countries. Copies are also available from the National Information Centre of Earthquake Engineering (NICEE) at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Please contact NICEE (nicee.org) to order the publication from them.