Concrete Coalition California Inventory Project Report Now Available

The Concrete Coalition is a network of individuals, governments, institutions, and agencies with a shared interest in assessing the risk associated with non-ductile concrete buildings and developing strategies with which to mitigate that risk. The Coalition is a program of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Center (PEER) at UC Berkeley, the Applied Technology Council and their partners, including the Structural Engineers Association of California, The American Concrete Institute, BOMA of Greater Los Angeles and the U.S. Geological Survey.

With funding from the California Emergency Management Agency, the Concrete Coalition has been helping California assess the size and scope of the potential risk by providing an educated estimate of the existing non-ductile concrete building stock.

Under the leadership of EERI members Craig Comartin, David Bonowitz and David McCormick, the project engaged more than 250 volunteers, from those who participated in early planning and project development meetings to those who spent weekends documenting building types in specific cities.  A website was built to contain basic information on the construction technology as well as the individual reports from the cities (  The final report is available for download by clicking on the link below:

Concrete Coalition CA Inventory Final Report (12MB)