EERI Update on Virginia Earthquake

After the M5.8 earthquake of August 23rd, EERI assembled a team of east coast EERI members to document various aspects of the event.  James Beavers, a consulting structural engineer from Knoxville, Tennessee and William Anderson, a sociologist and an EERI board member from Washington DC are co-team leaders.

Other team members include Matthew Eatherton, Virginia Tech; Matthew Francis, URS Corporation; Ramon Gilsanz, Gilsanz Murray Steficek Inc; Frederick Krimgold, Virginia Tech; Ying-Cheng Lin, Lehigh University; Claudia Marin, Howard University; Justin Marshall, Auburn University; Jelena Pantelic, the World Bank; James Ricles, Lehigh University; and Jeff Munsey, TVA.  Marshall is participating remotely by mapping structural damage. The team is coordinating closely with the GEER team and a team of social scientists from the Disaster Research Center at the University of Delaware. The structural engineers have visited Louisa County, Virginia, the North Anna Nuclear Power Plant, and the Smithsonian buildings in Washington DC and Maryland. The social scientists are documenting the evacuation, transportation and communications problems that arose, particularly in Washington DC. Visit the Clearinghouse website to read team posts and view the interactive map.