In Memoriam: Clarence Allen, 1925-2021

clarence allen news Clarence Allen (M.EERI, 1966), a professor of geology and geophysics, emeritus, and a prominent seismologist, passed away on January 21, 2021. He was a long-standing and highly esteemed member of EERI. Throughout his career, Clarence was a strong champion for multidisciplinary collaboration on› earthquake risk reduction. He was the highest caliber of leader for EERI, serving on the Board of Directors from 1985-1987. He was also distinguished with four of EERI's highest awards and honors: Alfred E. Alquist Special Recognition Medal (1993), Distinguished Lecture (1995), the George W. Housner Medal (2001), and appointed as an Honorary Member (2005). 

“I have tried very hard over the years to improve the rapport between scientists and engineers, particularly with regard to establishing realistic seismic criteria for critical projects such as dams, aqueducts, and nuclear facilities," Clarence stated in his volume for EERI's Oral History Series. "The blending of disciplines in pursuit of a major societal problem has been a very unique attribute of EERI, and I hope I have contributed to it. No other professional organization of which I am a member has the broad, multidisciplinary base that EERI has.” Clarence played a key role in making that the case. Read more about his long and renowned career in the full volume of his Oral History here.

At EERI, we are honored by his legacy of commitment to our organization. EERI will continue to thrive and advocate for community resilience to earthquakes due to the passion of our members like Clarence. He will be sorely missed.