Earthquake Spectra's Impact Factor Rises Significantly

The Editorial Board of Earthquake Spectra is proud to announce a significant rise in our Impact Factor, according to Journal Citation Reports®. Spectra’s 2021 Impact Factor (IF) is now 4.330, up from 3.033 in 2020—ranking it 36/138 in the category of“Civil Engineering” and 16/41 in “Geological Engineering.” The IF is the number of citations for 2019 and 2020 papers, divided by the number of papers published in 2020. Our IF increase can be attributed primarily to the significant number of citations for many of your top-cited papers (see the link to “Most Cited” on the journal homepage). It is also a testament to the commitment and expertise of our Editorial Board and reviewers, reflecting the high quality of articles published in Earthquake Spectra.

EERI thanks the Spectra Editorial Board and all contributors and reviewers for their dedication and hard work!