Kenji Ishihara Colloquium: Advancing Earthquake Engineering in the Wake of the Turkey-Syria Earthquake

Starting October 5, 2023
11:00 AM-2:00 PM Pacific Time

Join EERI's San Diego Chapter for the 2023 Kenji Ishihara Colloquium: Advancing Earthquake Engineering in the Wake of the Turkey-Syria Earthquake. This year's colloquium will take place virtually, as a webinar series on the lessons learned from the 2023 Kahramanmaraş, Turkey Earthquake Sequence. Researchers, expert engineers and social scientists will come together in this Kenji Ishihara colloquium to discuss structural engineering and the far-reaching social implications of the Turkey earthquake sequence. Experts will share their insights on the lessons learned from the Turkey earthquake and how these are shaping the future of earthquake engineering, disaster preparedness, and response to enhance engineering practices and expedite seismic functional recovery.

The webinars will take place on Thursday October 5, Thursday October 12, and Friday October 27, each starting at 11:00 AM Pacific Time. The webinar lengths will vary by session but will run no later than 2:00 PM. Registering once at the link above will allow you to attend all the sessions.

Thursday 10/5: Lessons Learned from Processing Ground Motions & Code Comparison

  • Grace Park
  • Tristan Buckreis
  • Osman Ozbulut
  • Esra Zengin

Thursday 10/12: Functional Recovery of Hospitals and Schools and Recovery of Lifeline

  • Ali Sumer
  • Reid Zimmerman
  • Ricardo Cappa
  • Ezra Jampole
  • Rupa Garai

Friday 10/27: Topic to be determined

Louise Comfort
  • Additional speakers to be confirmed
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