EERI’s professional development webinars covers a broad range of topics for the community of earthquake risk reduction professionals. You will hear about the latest impacts and lessons from recent earthquakes, learn about emerging research from Earthquake Spectra, and hear from leading experts on complex technical topics. Recordings from previous webinars can be found in the Digital Library and on EERI's YouTube Channel.

EERINC: Quick Quake Briefing: Recent Major Earthquakes in South Pacific Ocean

Thursday, 8 April 2021

The EERI Northern California Regional Chapter and the EERI Learning from Earthquakes Program hosted this webinar on the multiple massive temblors (M8.1, M7.4, M7.3) that occurred in the South Pacific Ocean in early March 2021. The March 5, 2021 M8.1 event was one of the strongest quakes to strike the region in modern history. Earthquakes of this size are capable of creating tsunamis (ocean waves) that can travel thousands of miles causing widespread damage to coastal communities. The quakes were centered northeast of New Zealand. Tsunami warnings were issued throughout the region and as far away as Chile forcing thousands of people to evacuate coastal areas. Fortunately, only small wave surges (about 30 cm) were observed causing little damage. This webinar discussed seismology, tsunamis mechanisms and warning systems. Speakers included Rick Wilson, CGS, and William Power, GNS Science.

Revised Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zones for the City and County of San Diego

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

This webinar, organized by the EERI San Diego Chapter, provided background and further information on the preliminary review maps of proposed new and revised Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zones to the City and County of San Diego that were released by the California Geological Survey (CGS) on February 18, 2021. The release by CGS began a 90-day public comment period to provide technical review comments on the proposed Earthquake Fault Zone maps. This webinar helped attendees feel better informed to provide review comments on the maps to the State Mining and Geology Board. Presenters included Thomas Rockwell, Timothy Dawson, and Micahel DeFrisco.

Chapters: EERINC: Quick Quake Briefing: Indonesia

Thursday, 25 February 2021

This webinar, hosted by the EERI Northern California Regional Chapter and the EERI Learning from Earthquakes Program, provided an overview of the M6.2 earthquake that caused widespread damage to buildings and infrastructure. Hundreds of thousands of people were affected and at least 100 were killed. Speakers included experts from the Institut Teknologi Bandung, BNPB (National Disaster Management Agency), and BMKG (National Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysical Agency).

Chapters: EERINC: Quick Quake Briefing: Croaitia M6.4 Earthquake of December 29, 2020

Thursday, 4 February 2021
Cost: Free

This webinar, hosted by the EERI Northern California Regional Chapter, focused on the December 29, 2020, Croatia earthquake. The M6.4 quake was the strongest recorded in Croatia in 140 years and struck about 30 miles southeast of the capital Zagreb. The earthquake caused widespread damage to buildings and infrastructure, killed at least seven people, and affected hundreds of thousands. This quick briefing provided an overview of the earthquake and first-hand accounts of its aftermath.

Webinar: Earthquakes in Pandemics – Experiences from Earthquakes in Europe

Thursday, November 19 at 12 am PT / 3 pm ET  
Cost: Free for EERI members and non-members (PDH hours included upon request)

The EERI Northern California Regional Chapter (EERI-NC) is hosting a webinar series on how the current COVID-19 pandemic can affect the earthquake community. This webinar will feature a panel discussion on the impacts of earthquakes on infection rates and actions immediately following earthquakes in Europe (Portugal and Croatia). Attention will be placed on lessons learned that may be important for the United States.

Two of our panelists will give a brief summary of their recent article in Earthquake Spectra titled, “Potential Impact of Earthquakes during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic.” Another two of our panelists were in Zagreb during the March 2020 earthquake (M5.5) and will provide eye-witness accounts. Bruce Maison, Consulting Engineer & EERI-NC Board Member, and Rob Olshansky, Professor Emeritus of University of Illinois & EERI-NC Board Member, will moderate the panel.


Vitor Silva is the Risk Coordinator of the Global Earthquake Model Foundation in Pavia, Italy, and an Associate Professor at the University Fernando Pessoa in Porto, Portugal. His research focuses on the development of open-access models and open-source tools, some of which are currently being extensively used by the public and private sector. 

Nicole Paul is a Risk Modeller at the Global Earthquake Model Foundation, where she is involved with the Modelling Exposure Through Earth Observation Routines project (focused on Nepal and Tanzania), Regional Risk for European Union Member States, and the Global Risk Model. Prior to GEM, Nicole worked at Arup's San Francisco office. 

Nenad Bijelić is a postdoctoral researcher in the Resilient Steel Structures Laboratory (RESSLab) at EPFL, Switzerland. In 2012, he received the Fulbright Science and Technology award to study earthquake engineering in the United States. His research is in the area of structural and earthquake engineering, focusing on the dynamics of nonlinear systems and the application of statistical and machine learning tools.

Josip Atalić is a licensed civil engineer and a member of the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers. He led a team of experts for the National Risk Assessment in the Republic of Croatia - Seismic Risk — a risk management capability assessment and national strategy in cooperation with the National Protection and Rescue Directorate and Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning of Republic of Croatia (2014-2018). 

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