EERI’s professional development webinars covers a broad range of topics for the community of earthquake risk reduction professionals. You will hear about the latest impacts and lessons from recent earthquakes, learn about emerging research from Earthquake Spectra, and hear from leading experts on complex technical topics. Recordings from previous webinars can be found in the Digital Library and on EERI's YouTube Channel.

Chapters: EERIWA: Advocating for Earthquake Safety in Washington State

Wednesday, 18 November 2020
Cost: Free

This webinar, hosted by the EERI Washington State regional chapter, covered the history of seismic resilience and resilience planning at the state and local levels, reviewed tools and guidance that EERI has recently developed for Citizen Advocacy, and discussed what the membership can do today for a safer Washington State. Building on efforts of the past that planned for a Resilient Washington State, the webinar encouraged new and existing members of the Washington State regional chapter to engage with representatives and advocate for seismic and tsunami safety.

Chapters: EERISD: Next Steps for Earthquake Preparedness in Our San Diego Community

Friday, 13 November 2020
Cost: Free

This webinar, hosted by the EERI San Diego regional chapter, was a follow-up discussion to the San Diego Earthquake Scenario that was released in March, 2020. The webinar focused on how to prepare, conduct outreach, develop a group of stakeholders, and identify short-term and long-term goals for San Diego.

Chapters: EERISD: Common Challenges Preparing for Low Frequency/High Risk Events

Friday, 30 October 2020
Cost: Free

This webinar, hosted by the EERI San Diego regional chapter, included a panel discussion on these challenges of preparing and planning for events that have a low frequency of occurence, but a high-risk of loss. The webinar discussed how learning from the failures and successes of our experiences with COVID-19 will help counter similar challenges in planning for earthquakes and developing more seismically resilient communities.

Webinars: YMC: Citizen Advocacy: Tools to Advance Seismic Safety Policy

Wednesday, 28 October 2020
Cost: Free

Presented by the EERI Younger Members Committee, this webinar introduced steps to become a seismic safety policy advocate. While getting started in advocacy may seem daunting, advocating for seismic safety policy and advocacy is an important facet of EERI members' expertise and professional practice. The discussion will cover the recently released Citizen Advocate Toolkit, explaining government structures and guides for interacting with representatives and policy makers. We will review case studies of past and current seismic safety related laws, ordinances, and bills, and provide information on how to best communicate science and engineering concepts to non-technical audiences. The webinar will also cover what it’s like to work with and for a public agency on various types of policies, and leave you with actions you can take today in progressing seismic safety in your locale and state.

Chapters: EERISD: Using Scenarios for Preparedness: Comparing Pandemics and Earthquakes

Friday, 16 October 2020
Cost: Free

This webinar, hosted by the EERI San Diego regional chapter, discussed how the outcomes and conclusions of public health scenarios developed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic compared with actual experiences from the pandemic, and how this can inform and improve existing earthquake scenarios to improve earthquake preparedness.

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