Other Resources

Other Resources

Additional resources on many different topics in earthquake resilience have been developed through EERI projects and programs. Learn more about these resources below.

Oral History

Oral History Series

The EERI Oral History project publishes interviews with prominent figures in the field of earthquake engineering to preserve the rich history of those who shaped seismic design theory and practice. Learn more


Confined Masonry Network

The Confined Masonry Network is a project of an international consortium of individuals and organizations. Learn more


Mitigation Center

Earthquake hazard mitigation involves protecting the built environment — and the people who live there — against earthquake damages. Learn more


Developing Earthquake Scenarios

An earthquake scenario is a planning tool that helps us understand earthquakes and plan for the future. Learn more

concrete coalition

The Concrete Coalition

The Concrete Coalition is a network comprised of individuals, governments, institutions, and agencies with an interest in assessing and mitigating the risk associated with dangerous non-ductile concrete buildings. Learn more

concrete coalition


Earthquakeretrofit.org was a community mapping project of EERI and the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California trying to help answer the question, "How have we reduced our earthquake risk in the 20 years since the Loma Prieta earthquake?" Learn more

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